FigTrees Organic Farms - HOLISTIC GOAL

20th Mar 2010

Part 1

The ‘Quality of Life’ we value.

We wish to provide an atmosphere of positive achievement, wealth and security for all stakeholders by building an operation that is based on creating optimum health at every level – from the biology in the soil to plants, animals, farm members, customers, society and the wider environment.

We will aim to lead caring and healthy lives with meaningful work and continued opportunity for further education and learning.

The security of our homes and the community around us will be enhanced by supporting a better understanding of the link between regenerative agriculture, nutritious food and abundant water supplies.

Part 2

Forms of Production... required for regenerating a sound future resource base and the ‘Quality of Life’ that we value.

In order to continue receiving a secure supply of nutritious food, clean water and a safe climate we need to develop business models and farming techniques which sustain a growing profit through the value and respect of natures’ dynamic ecosystem processes.

Nattai Investments aims to become a recognised supplier of high value, highly nutritious organic produce. And by ensuring that all decisions are made wisely, increases in productivity will be matched by increases in ecosystem services to the community.

Part 3

A Description of the Future Resource Base (required for sustaining our ‘Quality of Life’).

Our land will be managed to ensure a future resource base that is healthy and sustainable, resulting in continued improvement in fertility, water cycling, biodiversity and profit.

Soils will have high humus and carbon levels, helping to combat future weather uncertainties, a service to the community that we hope will be rewarded.

The natural and agricultural ecosystems managed by this company will continue improving, providing the biological foundation for ongoing security for all present and future generations.


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