Foundations of Life

10th Jun 2010

In a world where people have constantly been searching for valuable resources, is it possible that we have overlooked the most precious resource of all?

Healthy land should be valued as one of the greatest forms of wealth on earth,not in monetary terms, not for gold, not for diamonds not for oil or any other form of mining, not for real estate development and not for industrial agriculture.

Land with healthy soil, healthy vegetation and healthy waterways should be regarded as one of the most valuable resources on earth because it provides humanity and all other lifeforms with the‘Foundations of Life’.

This paper endeavours to communicate a gap in understanding which has accompanied mankind throughout our entire history, the understanding that, there is a very direct connection between the decisions being made by people, and the ability of the landscape to continue supplying society with an abundance of resources (on an intergenerational time scale). Every one of us has the choice of making decisions which can either destroy or enhance the fundamental components of the living cycles which drive vital eco-system processes.

I have described these important components and cycles of life as the ‘Foundations of Life’.

The interwoven connection between the various ‘Foundations of Life’ (humus, healthy living soil, microorganisms, healthy plant communities, a stable climate and the water cycle) and humanity will be explained.

Finally this paper discusses the concept of establishing clear guidelines for regenerating the society and the environment that will lead us into a sustainable future, based on a culture of understanding and respect for the ‘Foundations of Life’.