Hummus and the Farmer

09th Jun 2010

by Friend Sykes (1948)

....Here, then, if this country in particular, and the world as a whole, are to avoid the major catastrophes that are lying not very far ahead, I must set down the argument for the urgent and wider application of my system of farming. This task is by no means easy. Therefore, I will ask myself, what are the major lessons that I have learned after thirty years of farming observation? They are:

  1. That the well being of mankind is interdependent with that of the animal, the plant, and the living soil.

  2. That a fertile soil is one rich in humus.

  3. That whenever the humus content of the soil is depleted(as in the growing of a wheat crop),the humus must be replaced with more humus manufactured by the biological processes, vegetable growth (as in grass) and by its decay, when ploughed, accelerated and activated by the earthworms and by the microorganisms of animal dung and urine.

And if the world as a whole adopted these hypotheses, what would be the result? A healthy, robust, and practically disease free human race; because man- who is healthy according to the food he eats- would live on a healthy diet of wholesome and disease free milk and animal products, wholesome vegetables, and wholemeal bread, all grown on soil that was humus sufficient and disease free.

And if the health of a nation is as simple as all that, why can we not adopt my system of farming tomorrow and in five years have a disease free world? Because for over one hundred years [add another 63] the world has laboured under a sad and pitiful delusion - that the refertilization of land is a chemical and not a biological process, and because there have grown up in England and America most powerful interests who are determined that the world should not be disillusioned.

Friend Sykes (1948) states... “Everywhere throughout the world to-day there is springing up from all quarters a ‘biological consciousness’, a sense that materialistic science may be misleading us that old and new insidious diseases are on the increase and are not yielding to orthodox treatment. Suspicion is widespread that this may originate in the soil; that the biology of the soil, of which we know too little, may hold the key, not only for the eradication of the ills with which both man and beast are afflicted, but for the very preservation of life itself.”