Now Producing Organic Pork

15th Feb 2016

Recently we sent our first load of young organic pigs to be processed. Lots of work had led to this stage.

  • Firstly we had the idea to extend our range of products from purely beef production to the production of organic pasture fed pork, ham and bacon.
  • Then came the sourcing of a breed most suitable for this type of production including being easily managed.
  • Next we had to research the requirements for pigs and build fenced areas where they could freely range and have access to shade, wallows (mud baths) and plenty of food and fresh water.
  • We watched the sows grow bigger and delighted in our first litters on the ground and then watched as the piglets quickly grew big enough for market.
  • Glenn designed a crate for the back of his ute and brought in a pig loading ramp. We were unsure how they would load but they all walked on calmly and began to explore their new surroundings.

The butchers have been pleased with the meat and lots of happy customers are now enjoying delicious free range organic pork.

You can see stockists in our Retail Ready Packs article.