'Billabong' - Inverell

Billabong is located on the boundary of the beautiful North West Slopes and Plains, and the Northern Tablelands, approximately 15 kilometres east of Inverell. It is a 1000ha property getting 780mm annual rainfall.

The rich basalt soils of Billabong are high in carbon, calcium and phosphorous. These soils provide the ideal foundation for growing out excellent highly nutritious grass-fed yearlings.

One of the features of Billabong is a beautiful flowing stream called the 'Swan Brook'.

Through careful planning of the grazing management and enhancement of the soils FigTrees Organic Farms have been able to restore a perennial flow of water out of the landscape into the Swan Brook. This restoration of perennial stream flows is only one example of the environmental restoration which you are responsible for when you purchase beef from FigTrees Organic Farms.

Another feature at Billabong is 5 kilometres of permaculture swales which have been installed to pacify the erosive forces of storm run-off and help build soil fertility. They also act as wildlife corridors for two areas of endangered box gum grassy woodland regarded as an iconic feature of eastern Australian landscape.

The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.
Marcel Proust cited in Suzuki 2010