Direct from the farm gate

Buy directly from the farms and the people who have ensured your organic beef has been raised humanely in a healthy environment. We are able to supply an area from Port Macquarie to the Sunshine Coast.

In order to maintain the full integrity of grass- fed flavours, healthy vitamins, fats and proteins all of our cattle are raised on 100% healthy organic pastures.

  1. Choose Size – You can choose a whole, half or quarter body of beef. A whole can be up to 220kg of beef so we advise maybe organising with friends and family to share the purchase. A half is would be 115kg each or a quarter 60kg.
  2. Invoice – we will provide you an invoice for payment with the weight of the body and the final price.
  3. Choose Butcher – After ordering your beef we will organise delivery to a suitable butcher where you can specify how you would like your organic beef cut up. You can nominate your existing butcher or we will recommend one close to you.
  4. Pick Up – Once the bucher has finished you can pick up your wholesale organic beef.

We have done this many times before and can help you each step of the way. Please see our article of different cutting options.

Contact Us today with any questions you may have.

Through our commitment to organic and holistic farming you can be assured that our products not only taste great but they are also taking care of your health, farm health and the health of our surrounding environment and water systems.