Cutting Options

After ordering your beef we will organise delivery to a suitable butcher where you can specify how you would like your organic beef cut up.

See below for suggestions. Glenn or Henry are happy to help you go through this list.

Topside roast steaks mince schnitzel
Round steaks diced mince schnitzel
Silverside corned stir-fry diced
Rump steaks roast
Eye fillet steaks roast
Striploin t-bone sirloin fillet
Scotch whole steak rib eye (bone in)
Blade roast steak diced mince
Brisket corned mince
Chuck diced minced
Shin osso buco mince
Sausages thick thin
Bones yes no

You can request extra sausages or mince according to preference.

You may also like to request the thickness of your steaks.