Quality Organic Pork

FigTrees Organic Farms are thrilled to be working in conjunction with our valuable outlets… in being able to offer our customers our amazingly tasty, fully traceable, ethically reared, open grassland, 100% organic Pork.

Ethical Farming

Based on the same strong ethical principles as FigTrees organic beef, the production of FigTrees Organic Pork involves;

  • A 100% natural free-range environment with year round access to high quality organic pastures – ensuring optimum nutrition and enriched grass-fed flavour.
  • Allowing animal’s full opportunity to exhibit their natural behaviour, from cooling off in a therapeutic mud bath to sleeping lazily under the shade of a big yellow box gum or Moreton Bay Fig tree.
  • The guarantee of organic certification is our pledge to customers that our pigs have never been treated with synthetic chemicals or antibiotics, and also that every bit of additional feed these pigs consume has been grown on organic land that has respected natural mineral and water cycles.

We take great pride in being able to connect with butchers and consumers in the regeneration of the greater Australian Environment through careful food choices.

Organic farmers like us rely on a healthy soil full of humus. This ensures the pork and beef from FigTrees Organic Farms is jam packed full of complete proteins and healthy fats coming from the nutrient rich plasma contained in humus.

Only true organic farming and produce can guarantee this remarkable nutritional pathway.

It takes a lot of people to create a healthy food culture and we are very appreciative of the people which have backed our efforts.

I hope you enjoy the amazing healthy flavours of FigTrees Organic Pork.