Packaged organic beef and pork

We are always looking for more ways for you our potential customers to have access to our beef and pork.

We are packaging up our beef and pork into retail ready packs which you can now purchase directly from selected retail outlets. This is giving us an opportunity to meet consumers demands in areas that we have not been able to provide beef to in the past. This has enabled us to get our brand out to more people and in turn will hopefully make them more aware of what we are doing on the farm, and our efforts to improve the environment.

The retail shops have been very supportive and the number that we are servicing is continuing to grow. We deliver fortnightly and all the meat is vacuum packed for added shelf life and better freezing.

Through our commitment to organic and holistic farming you can be assured that our products not only taste great but they are also taking care of your health, farm health and the health of our surrounding environment and water systems.