Talk at Ben Lomond Landcare

Glenn was recently invited to present a talk at a meeting of Ben Lomond Landcare. The topic for his talk was “Re-assembling landscapes to support abundant water cycling”. Glenn is passionate about spreading his knowledge of this topic where collectively farmers can re-assemble the landscape to re-create an effective water cycle and experience abundant rainfall. Instead of looking up to the clouds for rain we should be looking at what is happening underneath our feet. The soil is a major storage and dispensing medium responsible for maintaining reliable water supplies. Glenn stressed that we need to develop a strong respect for the land and protect and rebuild soil health to renew the water cycle. By building up humus levels in the soil we can improve soil health, human health, the water cycle and restore climate stability. Glenn believes that we need to connect food enterprises to the regeneration of Australia’s soil and water resources and this is the key to a stable and healthy future.