Time2Choose – Rally

Last month Glenn joined twenty-five farmers on horseback from across NSW riding through the middle of Sydney to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on the people who live in and make their living from rural Australia.

The scientific evidence for climate change is clear – and the evidence farmers are seeing on the ground is even clearer. We’re suffering the devastating effects of record heatwaves, rainfall deficiencies, fires, floods and storms on a regular basis and we can’t take much more of it.

If we don’t take care of our land and stop pillaging it, our food supplies and water resources are at risk. Every time we destroy another area of land, we are effectively destroying the living connection which protects and nurtures us, with clean air, clean water and healthy food.
Glenn Morris

As a farmer, Glenn knows if it continues to get too hot for plants to grow then not only are we out of business as a farm, the entire world is in severe trouble.  That’s why Glenn and the team at FigTrees Farms have been very committed to tackling climate change.

For the future of our land, water and climate, it’s now time to choose: respect or destruction. We choose respect.